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For First Nations/Indigenous people, water was the most important part of our lives. There is a saying “Water is Life” short for “Water is the Life blood of Mother Earth”. Water is the vessel through which life is created. Water cracks the seeds of the plant. Mother’s release water before babies are born. 

For First Nations people, we relied heavily on water. Lakes and rivers provided fish and wild rice for food. We also harvested plants for medicinal purposes along waterways and in the swamps. 

The water provided life through food and medicine as well as providing our most important mode of transportation. All Nations in Ontario used the Grand River to access the interior of Southern Ontario. 

Our lives were completely reliant on clean water and healthy rivers and lakes. There are many Native warriors who give up personal dreams and risk their freedoms to protect Mother Earth and the water. Here, through our art, we show our spiritual connection to the land and water. And give a glimpse as to the reasons some of our warriors fight so bravely. 

Art Show Dates & Times


6 - 21

12pm - 8pm